Aaron Becsei was born in Budapest and is the 3rd generation of a watchmaker dynasty.
He grew up surrounded by watches. After secondary school he did his formal education at the Budapesti Szolgaltato Ús Kezmuvesipari Szakkepzo School where he graduated from the Watchmakers program.
2000 -
In order to develop himself as a watchmaker and to get the necessary practical experiences he started to work on watch repairs with his father.
To have a deeper engineering knowledge he went to the School of Technical Sciences of Budapest in the faculty of CAD/CAM design.
Aaron Becsei's graduation thesis paper on his Tourbillon clock was honored by the Chamber of Engineering in Budapest.
In 2003 he finished his first clock. This Miniature Double Pendule Zappler was fully his design and made by hand.

After one and a half years of work his first Tourbillon clock was finished. This complicated table clock has a calendar, moon phase, wind up indicator, thermometer and a world time function.
2005. April
At the Baselworld show in 2005 with his Tourbillon No.1 clock Aaron Becsei was granted admission to the AHCI as a candidate.
2007. April
At the Baselworld show in 2007 Aaron exhibited his Tourbillon No.1 clock and Miniature Zappler clock at the AHCI booth as a candidate.
The first Bexei wristwatch was completed: PRIMUS, the first BEXEI tourbillon wrist watch with an extremely complicated and unique movement.

The tri-axial tourbillon PRIMUS wristwatch was presented at Baselworld 2008.
2009. January
Aaron Becsei's timepieces were presented in Japan at the first International Tokyo Watch Fair.
2009. April

The Tourbillon No.2. carriage clock was presented at Baselworld 2009.

Aaron Becsei was elected a member of the AHCI.

2010. April

Aaron Becsei's timepieces exhibited for the first time in Hungary.

2011. March

At Baselworld Aaron Becsei presents one model of his new wristwatch collection: the Bexei Dignitas Power Reserve.

2011. October

Exhibition of Aaron Becsei's timepieces first time in China: AHCI China Tour in Beijing - Shanghai (Top Marques Luxury Show) - Hong-Kong.

2012, April 26th

Aaron Becsei's Tourbillon No1. table clock is awarded as the "Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft 2012".

January 2015.
Aaron Becsei was awarded the Special Price of the Hungarian National Bank at the Gala Night of Exemplars of Young Entrepreneurs of the year 2014.
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